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As a manufacturer of gelatin capsule wholesale, we can wholesale customers with a small amount of gelatin capsules. This page mainly introduces our gelatin capsule processing process for customers.

In recent years, wholesale Gelatin capsules have significantly increased in demand. Regarded as an effective delivery method for medication and nutritional supplements, these capsules are a staple in the pharmaceutical and health sectors.

Why Wholesale Gelatin Capsules are in High Demand

capsule can house various active ingredients with varying shapes, colors, and textures. As such, it provides manufacturers the flexibility they need to package different substances and ensure their proper delivery in the body.

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Our Gelatin Capsule Products

Capsules is very important in our life. We will use it frequently. 

Compared with animal capsules, plant capsules are more and more popular.

We supply the animal gelatin capsules with harmless food-grade ingredients. 

Gelatin hollow capsules have stomach-soluble and enteric-coated hollow capsules.

Enteric-coated hollow capsules is good to our body.

Halal gelatin is a kind of gelatin that complies with Islamic law

Most capsules are made from gelatin. Gelatin is used in many foods

Quality of our hard transparent capsule could be more guaranteed.

Benefits of Using Gelatin Capsules

  1. Easy to Consume: The smooth texture and lack of taste make these capsules easy to swallow.
  2. Effective Delivery System: Capsules are excellent for various pharmaceutical ingredients, including solids and liquids.
  3. Increased Acceptance: Capsules aid in the acceptance and ease of medication administration, enhancing therapeutic outcomes.
  4. Customizability: They offer opportunities for brand recognition through different shapes, color variations, and housing possibilities like beads, mini-tablets, or even other mini-capsules.

Businesses can choose to purchase in bulk to ensure a consistent and cost-efficient supply of these indispensable items.

Types of Gelatin Capsules

In the supplement production industry, gelatin capsules remain an essential component. Whether for individual use or commercial production, sourcing high-quality capsules is crucial. Two types of gelatin capsules are commonly used – clear and colored gelatin capsules.

Clear Gelatin Capsules

Clear Gelatin Capsules are transparent, making them perfect for showcasing the encapsulated product. These capsules come in various sizes, accommodating a range of ingredient quantities, and are especially useful for neutrality or when the ingredient’s natural color needs to be displayed. They are widely used in pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing, sourced from bovine, ensuring they meet stringent quality control measures.

Colored Gelatin Capsules

Colored Gelatin Capsules, on the other hand, offer a visual variety and are often used for branding or to differentiate between different products or dosages. They are also sourced from natural bovine and pass through strict quality control procedures to ensure their safety and quality. Whether clear or colored, these capsules are made to be easily digestible and meet the dietary needs of consumers.

Bulk Quantities

In purchasing gelatin capsules, considering wholesale options should be a top priority, especially for businesses and individuals that require a steady supply of capsules.

Advantages of Buying Gelatin Capsules in Bulk

In considering acquiring your gelatin capsules in bulk from trusted suppliers, there are several key benefits:

  • Economical: When buying in bulk, the price per unit typically decreases, resulting in significant savings.
  • Efficiency: An ample supply of capsules can keep the production process going without delays from restocking.

Bulk Packaging and Storage Options

Bulk orders usually come with packaging options suited for larger quantities. It’s important to store your gelatin capsules correctly to maintain optimum quality and prevent spoilage. Keep them in a cool, dry, dark place to maintain their integrity.

For easy accessibility, check out the various packaging options available for bulk orders.

Sourcing Gelatin Capsules Wholesale

In health and wellness, the right capsule makes a significant difference. Whether for personal consumption or bringing a new supplement line, sourcing top-quality gelatin capsules wholesale can provide both cost-effectiveness and consistency.

Reliable Suppliers and Manufacturers

Finding a reliable supplier or manufacturer for gelatin capsules can become overwhelming with the multitude of options out there. It’s essential to look for companies that stand out with their commitment to quality, transparency in sourcing, and adherence to cGMP standards (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Quality Assurance and Certifications

Ensuring that the gelatin capsules you source are of the highest quality is crucial. Based on the requirement, always look for quality certifications such as FDA-approved, cGMP-certified, Kosher, or Halal certified. This certification demonstrates the manufacturer’s dedication to quality and assures the marketer of the product’s credibility, safety, and consistency.

Remember, an effective sourcing strategy for gelatin capsules wholesale should prioritize reliability, quality assurance, and certifications to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

Pricing and Cost Savings

Budgeting is crucial, especially in a business, so understanding the pricing of items like gelatin capsules can be instrumental.

Comparison of Wholesale Gelatin Capsule Prices

The cost of providing healthcare products, such as gelatin capsules, can vary significantly. The price depends on several factors the supplier, the quantity ordered, and the location of your business. Here is a general price comparison:

  • Supplier A: $X per 1000 capsules
  • Supplier B: $Y per 1000 capsules
  • Supplier C: $Z per 1000 capsules

Consider shopping around before purchasing, as different suppliers offer varied pricing and discounts, especially for wholesale purchasing.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Gelatin Capsules

Understanding the factors affecting gelatin capsules’ cost is just as crucial. These factors include:

  • Quantity: Wholesale orders often get a better price per capsule.
  • Quality of the gelatin: The better the quality, the higher the cost.
  • Size of the capsule: Bigger capsules tend to cost more.
  • Shipping and handling costs: Depend on your location relative to the supplier.

Understanding these cost factors allows you to optimize your ordering process and maximize your savings.

Customization Options

Customization is vital in differentiating your product from the competition regarding wholesale gelatin capsules.

Printing and Labeling Services

Printing and labeling services can help create a unique, branded look for your capsules. These services range from logo imprinting to custom color matching and flavoring.

Specialty Capsule Sizes and Shapes

Specialty capsule sizes and shapes are also an option, allowing you to tailor your product to specific customer needs.

Applications of Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules are a staple in various industries due to their versatile applications. Here are a few areas where they are commonly used:

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, gelatin capsules are widely utilized. They provide an ideal vessel for medicines, offering easy consumption and accurate dosage. The biocompatibility of gelatin capsules also reduces the risk of allergenic reactions.

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements

Gelatin capsules are vital in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. They encapsulate various health supplements like vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Their ease of use, attractive look, and versatility make them a perfect choice for the industry.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

In the cosmetics and personal care industry, gelatin capsules package single-use quantities of products like serums and creams. They provide precise dosage, prevent oxidation, and increase portability.

Whether it’s medicine, a dietary supplement, or a skincare product, gelatin capsules have proven their utility repeatedly.

Why choose our gelatin capsules

Reasons to Choose Our Gelatin Capsules

There are numerous reasons why one should consider choosing our gelatin capsules.

Firstly, our gelatin capsules are bland in taste and odorless, making them a perfect choice for encapsulating substances with unpleasant flavors and smells. Many people find consuming certain necessary active ingredients unappealing due to their naturally disagreeable tastes. Our gelatin capsules effectively resolve this issue for consumers.

Secondly, our gelatin capsules are smooth and flexible, enhancing their ease of swallowing. The soft texture of these capsules relieves those who struggle with swallowing conventional tablets and caplets. By choosing our gelatin capsules, users can enjoy a smooth ingestion experience.

Thirdly, our capsules offer tamper-evident and airtight packaging. Each capsule is hermetically sealed, providing a robust and visible defense against tampering. Additionally, this airtight packaging protects the active ingredients inside the capsule from oxidation, reducing the risk of rancidity and maintaining the efficacy of the encapsulated substances.

Moreover, our capsules’ high digestibility and purity of gelatin offer added advantages. As gelatin is a natural protein derived from collagen, it gets easily absorbed into the body without causing any side effects.

Finally, the flexibility of the capsule design is another big positive. Our gelatin capsules are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

In summary, our gelatin capsules are designed to provide a user-friendly, safe, and effective means of consuming vital active ingredients. By choosing our product, consumers can benefit from the seamless blend of convenience, safety, and utility these capsules offer. Whether for pharmaceutical or health & nutrition purposes, our gelatin capsules are a trusted option.

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