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Enteric coated hollow capsules

We usually eat capsules in our life. Enteric-coated hollow capsules is good to our body. We have this product, you can study it and use it.

The role and benefits of the product

When I take medicine, I always come across all kinds of capsules. Some patients and friends feel that the capsule is too big to swallow, so they disassemble it and send the particles and powder inside with water or swallow it directly. As everyone knows, this is a very wrong approach; at least, the efficacy of the medicine will be weakened, and at worst, it will lead to danger. Of course, the capsule shell does not contain drugs, which is why some patients abandon the capsule shell. However, although this capsule shell is not medicine, it is better than medicine and has an irreplaceable effect.

Our product specifications

ItemThe Ch.P.This product
Tightness≤1 of 10≤1 of 10
Broken rate≤5 of 50≤1 of 50
Desintegration time (Min)≤10≤10
Sulfite (%)≤0.011 No requirement
Viscosity (mm2/s)>60>55
Loss on drying (%)12.5–17.5≤5.5
ProteinN/ANot detected
Residue on ignition(%)≤5.0≤5.5
Chromium (mg/kg)≤22 No requirement
Arsenate (mg/kg)N/A3 Raw ≤2
Heavy metal(mg/kg)≤40≤20
TPC (cfu/g)≤1000≤1000
Mould (cfu/g)≤100≤100
Yeast (cfu/g)≤100≤100
Escherichia coliNot detectedNot detected
Staphylococcus aureusN/ANot detected
Salmonella bacteriaNot detectedNot detected

Avoid the trouble of taking medicine

For the medicine to dissolve and take effect quickly, the powder of some medicines is very tiny. When opening the capsule, the accidentally raised powder means that the dose has been insufficient. And more importantly, when swallowing such a small powder, the powder may choke into the trachea, which is especially dangerous for children. Not only to ensure adequate medication but also to ensure that the powder does not choke you, please swallow the capsule directly.

The inconvenience caused by removing the capsule shell may not be a big deal to ordinary people. If the capsule contains only health products, losing is not unacceptable. But for patients and friends, it is imperative to let the medicine take effect in time. If the effect of the medicine is compromised due to the irregular medication, and the disease cannot be resisted in time, it will lead to danger. When designing the capsule, the size of the capsule shell is suitable for the patient to swallow, and for patients with special difficulties, the doctor will never let them take the capsule. Compared with the inconvenience that is difficult to swallow, the disadvantage of delaying the condition is much greater.

Improve drug stability

The medicine is packed in a capsule shell, which can isolate the medicine from the outside, reduce the influence of air, light, and moisture, and have a certain shielding, protection, and stabilization effect on the medicine with bad smell and unstable.

The medicine is filled in capsules with powder or granules. Compared with tablets, pills, etc., the preparation process is unaffected by mechanical pressure, and the medicine can be rapidly dispersed, dissolved, and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Liquid medicine is solidified

Liquid medicines or medicines with high oil content can be filled into soft capsules to make solid preparations, which are convenient to take and carry. Delay or localize the release of drugs. After the medicine is made into granules or pellets, suitable coating materials can be selected for coating according to needs and filled into capsules to have a sustained-release and delayed-acting effect. The enteric-coated capsule is made into capsules that can release the drug in the small intestine, rectum, or vagina so that the drug can be released. Drugs for treating enteritis or protein and polypeptide that take the colon as the main absorption site can be made into capsules for colon-specific drug release.

Capsules also have some undesirable points. The main material of the capsule shell is water-soluble gelatin, so the filled medicine cannot be an aqueous solution or a dilute ethanol solution to prevent the capsule wall from melting. For example, when filled with drugs that are easy to weather, the vaporization of moisture will soften the capsule material, and the drugs that are easy to deliquesce will dry and fragile the capsule wall due to the absorption of water by the drug. Therefore, drugs of this nature are generally not suitable for making capsules. The local drug quantity is very large after the capsule shell dissolves in the body. Therefore, easily soluble irritating drugs should not be made into capsules.

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Protect your mouth and nose

Some medicines are bitter, some are pungent, and some are bitter and pungent. But more importantly, the irritation of some drugs to the oral cavity was not apparent at the time. A few hours later, your mouth may start to feel uncomfortable. Temporary oral irritation may not be a big deal. Still, if the oral cavity is stimulated daily due to long-term medication, the oral cavity may suffer considerable damage. The capsule shell can “lock up” the medicine so that the medicine cannot touch the mouth and will not irritate.

Protect the drug itself

To digest food, our stomach has a strong acidity and a variety of enzymes to digest food, including drugs. Some medicines can hold strong acids and enzymes in the stomach, but others can’t. The capsule shells specially made for these fragile drugs will only dissolve in the intestines. Some drugs can’t bear the intestinal environment and can only be absorbed in the mildest colon. This requires a capsule shell that only dissolves in the colon. If they lose their “protective umbrella,” they will suffer heavy losses in the gastrointestinal tract or even disappear.

The Processing of enteric-coated hollow capsules

The main raw material of hard hollow capsules is gelatin. The main raw materials of soft hollow capsules are gelatin and glycerin. The main raw material of enteric-coated hollow capsules is gelatin or sodium alginate, then coated with enteric-coated materials. Hard hollow capsules can be divided into animal capsules and vegetable capsules.

When you swallow a multivitamin tablet, it moves down the esophagus and eventually enters your stomach. The stomach’s job is to break down food and other ingested substances into small particles with the help of stomach acid.

Once these particles are broken down, they enter the intestines, where useful nutrients pass through the abdominal wall and are absorbed into the bloodstream. Once in your blood, they can be transported to any organ, tissue, or cell that needs these nutrients. At the same time, the unabsorbed fragments of the enteric coating continue down to the colon and are discarded through your feces.

The purified water unit includes a heat exchanger for heating the pure water. The pure water is preheated before the pure water is added to the dissolving unit to shorten the preparation time of the gelatin solution. By adopting the above technical scheme, the pure water is preheated by the heat exchanger at a fast speed, thereby eliminating the need for a heating device to heat the sole unit for a long time and shortening the preparation time of the gelatin solution.

The mixing process

If improper operation occurs during the operation and air is mixed into the gelatin liquid, a very high layer of gelatin will be produced. The traditional method is to suspend the preparation and wait for the gelatin to break naturally. This method is more time-consuming. The high-temperature pure water in the purified water unit can quickly break the gel bubbles without affecting the preparation of the gelatin liquid. The rapid sol device adopting the above-mentioned capsule shell rapid sol method includes a sol unit connected with a heat preservation transfer unit, a purified water unit for adding purified water, and a hot water circulation unit for heating the sol unit. The top of the sol unit is provided with a feed port for adding materials, the purified water unit is connected with the sol unit, the sol unit is connected with a first vacuuming device, and the purified water unit is provided with a pure water preheating device, The heat preservation transfer unit is connected with a second vacuum pumping device.

To warm up

Compared with the traditional method of adding room temperature water into the sol unit and heating with the sol unit, the purified water unit is preheated first, and the preheated pure water is added to the sol unit, which greatly shortens the heating time of the material by the sol unit. The second vacuuming device in the thermal insulation transfer unit draws off the air in the thermal insulation transfer unit, thereby preventing the air in the thermal insulation unit from being mixed into the gelatin liquid. At the same time, the sol is reduced by the air pressure difference between the thermal insulation transfer unit and the sol unit. The gelatin liquid in the unit is sucked into the insulation transfer unit. When the gelatin liquid in the sol unit is exhausted, the final gelatin liquid will enter the gelatin liquid insulation tank together with air. Most of the air will be vacuumed away, even if a small part is mixed in Gelatin liquid, but it will only be at the top of the gelatin liquid, and the natural degassing time will be very short. There is no need to store static degassing specifically, eliminating the storage static degassing time to avoid the storage time being too long and affecting the gelatin liquid. The quality of gelatin improves the efficiency of gelatin liquid preparation.

Water cycle process

The pure water can be preheated, and the pure water can be heated evenly. Do not add pure water in the sol unit or in preparing materials; the heat exchanger can heat the pure water to maintain the purified water unit. The temperature of the pure water shortens the sol unit’s heating time and the gelatin solution’s preparation time. The heat exchanger includes a water inlet and a water outlet. The outlet is provided with two valves. One valve is connected to the pure water tank, and the other to the sol unit. The two valves are linked together.

What is enteric-coated hollow capsules

Enteric-coated capsules can be obtained by making the contents or shell of the capsule enteric-coated. For example, after the drugs and auxiliary materials are made into granules or pellets, they are coated with enteric materials, or enteric-coated drug solid dispersion powders are prepared and then filled into capsules to make enteric-coated capsules. Enteric-coated materials in the outer coating of capsules are also a commonly used enteric-coated capsule technology. Impregnation with formaldehyde can also give the capsule shell a certain enteric solubility, but this method has great limitations.

After finishing, the capsule shell is an oval hollow shell made of edible gelatin or medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials for containing solid powder and granules. The gelatin used in health care products and food industries is generally pig skin or bovine bone glue. Capsule shells have good bioavailability and can be decomposed and absorbed in the human body. Generally, they are divided into gastric-coated capsule shells and enteric-coated capsule shells according to their uses.

In addition to loading the drug, the enteric-coated capsule shell protects the drug from being destroyed by gastric acid. These capsules do not dissolve until the small intestine releases the drug. The capsule shell has five major functions: one is to solve the bitterness problem of good medicine. The second is to protect the esophagus and gastric mucosa. Some powders may cause burns. The third is to prevent stomach acid from destroying the drug before it reaches the intestine. Fourth, prevent the medicine from decomposing in the oral cavity, reducing the efficacy of the medicine. The fifth is to prevent choking in the trachea.

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