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OEM collagen sachet

We are committed to producing safe edible collagen powder. We have the best collagen powder production machines and manufacturing lines. Ensure that the collagen powder is safe to eat. Because we are a pure collagen manufacturer and provide OEM collagen sachet services. You can customize your collagen powder brand. Pure collagen powder is one of our most popular products.

Collagen powder is a very popular nutritional supplement. Although it is classified as a protein powder like whey protein or soy protein, collagen has different bodily functions and has many different benefits. Collagen has been on the market in gelatin for a long time, but recently collagen powder has rapidly gained popularity. Let’s talk about its effects today.

Specification of OEM collagen sachet

ColorOff White
Particle Size<0.35mm95%
Ash %1±0.25
Fat %2.5±0.5
Moisture %5±1
Nutritional Data(Calculated On Spec)
Nutritional Value Per 100g Product
KJ/399 Kcal
Protein (N*5.55) G/100g92.5
Carbohydrates G/100g1.5
Microbiological Data
Total Bacterial<1000 Cfu/G
Yeast & Moulds<100 Cfu/G
SalmonellaAbsent In 25g
E. Coli<10 Cfu/G
PackageMax.10kg net paper bag with inner liner
Max.20kg net drum with inner liner
Storage ConditionClosed package at approx. 18℃ and a humidity <50%
Shelf LifeIn the case of the intact package and up to the above storage requirement, the valid period is two years.

What are the benefits of OEM collagen sachet?

OEM collagen sachet plays a key role in the body. Although the benefits of collagen are similar to other protein sources, collagen also has some unique functions.

1. Collagen helps muscle growth and repair

Combined with a healthy diet and good exercise habits, collagen can help build and strengthen muscles. A specific study for the elderly showed that collagen works in three ways: increasing strength, increasing lean body mass, and reducing fat mass at the same time.

These benefits are very useful for athletes and ordinary people and can resist the effects of aging on our body muscles.

By increasing lean meat mass and reducing fat mass, collagen also helps. In the long run, having greater muscle mass can promote metabolism, and eating a high-protein diet can make people feel satisfied for longer, thus helping to reduce total calorie intake while maintaining lean body mass.

2. Collagen sachet can promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

For a long time, the OEM collagen sachet has been regarded as a dietary supplement that is beneficial to women and promotes the health of skin, hair, and nails. Gelatin is a form of collagen used in cooking and has been popular as a thickening agent for many years.

Many skin care products will add collagen to promote anti-aging effects, but studies have shown that collagen intake with a stable dietary supplement can reduce wrinkles. The view of this discovery is that even if the human body can make it on its own, it is beneficial to take extra collagen in our diet.

3. Collagen sachet is good for joint health

Joint pain is not only common in the aging process but may also affect athlete performance. When our connective tissues begin to break down due to aging, disease, or injury, insufficient collagen levels are usually a problem.

Collagen is the key to healthy joints. Taking collagen supplements can increase the body’s production of OEM collagen sachet, thereby helping to maximize production. Studies have shown that taking collagen one hour before exercise can bring the greatest benefits.

4. OEM collagen sachet may play a role in digestive health

Research on collagen supplements in this area is still relatively new. It is said that due to its structural properties, collagen actually plays a role in maintaining the health of our digestive system. The stomach and intestines are like large muscles, pushing food through the digestive system and extracting the nutrients we need.

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The best way to OEM collagen sachet

The two main methods of OEM collagen sachetn are from collagen powder or gelatin. Collagen powder usually exists in peptide or hydrolyzed form, and does not thicken liquid like gelatin, so it can be conveniently used in a variety of ways.

You can mix it with coffee or tea, or add collagen powder to the recovery milkshake after exercise. Although collagen is available in pill and beverage form, most research is done in powder form.

OEM collagen sachet pancakes

There are many recipes on the Internet that use OEM collagen sachet, especially when used with flour. Protein pancakes are a great way to get collagen at the beginning of the day to enhance the vitality of the body.

The operation is simple and it is very suitable as a quick breakfast. Our collagen pancake powder only needs to be mixed with water to make delicious pancakes.

OEM collagen sachet is a natural supplement that can benefit the body and daily activities in many ways. In addition to helping muscle growth and repair, there are other benefits such as skin, hair, nails and digestive health. Although collagen has been used in the form of gelatin for many years, this new form of collagen powder is more versatile and convenient.

The production process of OEM collagen sachet

The extraction techniques of collagen mainly include: hydrolyzed collagen, enzymatic hydrolysis, etc. Now the popular enzymatic hydrolysis method is as follows (take the production of fish scales as an example):

The necessary production links and procedures for the production of fish scale collagen by enzymatic hydrolysis are as follows:
The production process includes several important production links such as cleaning, enzymolysis, filtration, filling, concentration, spray drying, etc. The conditions of the equipment used in each process are described separately.

1. Cleaning: If the raw materials used in this process are directly purchased from the raw material supplier for deliming fish scales, construction may not be considered. However, if fresh wet fish scales are purchased for self-deliming and degreasing treatment, a floor cleaning tank is required. One cleaning tank should be designed for acid and alkali degreasing and deashing treatment. There is no special equipment for this process, only civil works are needed. The water used in the cleaning process should be deionized water, and it needs to be equipped with two-stage reverse osmosis purified water (public).

2. Enzymatic hydrolysis: the fish scales after degreasing and ashing are put into the enzymatic hydrolysis reaction tank for thermal enzymatic hydrolysis. The equipment and supporting facilities used include oil-fired steam boilers, double-layer insulation and pressure-resistant digestion tanks, operating platforms, etc. (Note: The materials of the production equipment directly in contact with the materials are all stainless steel above 304, and sanitary hoses and stainless steel pipes are used in the process of material transportation.)

3. Filtration: this process uses vertical diatomite filter for fine filtration of enzymatic hydrolysate to meet the requirements of the next process. The equipment and supporting facilities used in the process include two sets of single-layer pressure-resistant liquid storage tanks, vertical diatomite filters, and workshop 100,000-class air conditioning purification equipment (public).
4. Filling: If the product needs to be in liquid form, the filtered liquid can be directly packed into standard kegs. After passing the inspection, it will be stored in the warehouse. Need to use a single-layer pressure-resistant liquid storage tank, packaging barrel drying and sterilization room.

5. Concentration and spray drying: The filtered liquid needs to be concentrated to a certain concentration before it can be spray dried before entering the spray tower, which is of great significance for improving economic benefits and production efficiency. The equipment and supporting facilities used in the process include centrifugal spray drying tower single-layer pressure-resistant liquid storage tank, single-effect falling film concentration, etc.

The role of collagen

In fact, there are more than ten different forms of collagen, but there are four main types of collagen that play a key role in the human body.

Type 1 collagen

This type accounts for up to 90% of the body’s most collagen, and it is a dense type that provides structure for a variety of body components such as teeth, skin, bones and cartilage.

Type 2 collagen

This type of collagen is more elastic and elastic than type 1 collagen, and has a lower density. It mainly provides cushioning for the joints.

Type 3 collagen

The role of type 3 collagen is to provide structure for arteries, organs and muscles. It is usually combined with type 1 collagen to enhance the health of skin, hair and nails.

Type 4 collagen

Type 4 collagen is essential to skin health and acts as a filter between the external environment and the body.

How to get more collagen in your diet?

The main source of dietary collagen comes from animal products, as well as the parts with the highest collagen content, such as animal skin and bones.

We can get collagen from chicken with skin or canned fish with bones (such as salmon or sardines).

The gelatin form is commonly found in desserts, and bone broth is a very rich source of collagen.

The scope of application of OEM collagen sachet

Because collagen will lose faster with age, many people would like to take collagen supplements, but they don’t know how to eat collagen best, and whether they are suitable for eating collagen.

In fact, the consumption of collagen powder does not have any special restrictions on identity, and it can be regarded as a health food that is widely accepted by the ethnic group. There are no major taboos in eating collagen powder. The recommended eating time is: before going to bed or on an empty stomach to make collagen powder, the absorption rate of collagen in the body can be improved.

Groups who are particularly recommended to supplement collagen:

• Hard-working office workers with fatigue from work and lack of sleep and lack of elastic skin
• People who experience sagging skin, wrinkles, dryness, etc. as they grow older
• Excessive melanin secretion, leading to the formation of various stains
• Frequent outdoor UV exposure, causing premature skin damage
• Endocrine disorders, therefore poor skin condition and pigmentation

The way of eating collagen powder is very simple. It is recommended to drink it with self-made juice, milk, soy milk, or drink it directly with water. It is also a very convenient way. And our OEM collagen sachet is very convenient to help us take in collagen.

What is OEM collagen sachet?

OEM collagen sachet is the most abundant protein element in the human body, and it accounts for almost one-third of the total protein content of the human body. 16% of the human body is protein, and collagen accounts for about 30%. The total collagen accounts for about 6% of the body’s weight. OEM collagen sachet is the largest structural protein in connective tissues (such as muscles and joints). It belongs to the type of fibrous protein and helps to enhance flexibility and muscle extension.

Collagen is widely present in our skin, joints, gums…and other parts of our body. Together with related tissues, it is responsible for the body’s metabolism, maintaining elasticity, supporting adhesion… and other functions.

Our body can produce collagen on its own, but through diet or nutritional supplements can provide additional benefits. The most common form of collagen supplements is hydrolyzed collagen.

If you compare the human body to the structure of a house, collagen acts like a “rebar” between the body and can provide support.

The human body can synthesize collagen by itself under the condition of sufficient vitamin C and protein nutrition. However, as time goes by, the synthesis speed of collagen slows down and the loss accelerates, and the loss of collagen is mainly due to age, ultraviolet radiation, and external factors. The greatest impact on the environment.

Therefore, in simple terms, if it is really impossible to obtain through natural food, we should further think about consuming the recommended and professional and OEM collagen sachet.

How does collagen work in the human body?

OEM collagen sachet is actually completely different from whey or soy protein supplements. Because the human body can produce collagen by itself, the human body will maintain the balance of collagen decomposition and production according to the content of amino acids in the system.

When collagen is broken down into small molecules, the body will automatically produce more collagen. Therefore, by ingesting hydrolyzed collagen, the body will think that it has detected a decrease in collagen levels and produce more collagen.

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