Apple pectin wholesale

Apple pectin wholesale

Apple pectin is a nutrient substance. It also has many advantages for our bodies. We can learn and understand apple pectin. To better use it.

Apple pectin wholesale for jam and candy

Apple pectin is a nutrient substance. It also has many advantages for our bodies. We can learn and understand apple pectin. To better use it.

Product specifications of apple pectin

Sensory Characteristics

Free-flowing pale brown powder; Slight,

free from off-flavors; Slight, free from off-note

GA, ≥ %65> 65
DE. %66-6967.8
PH(1% Solution)2.8-3.82.8
Loss on drying ≤%129.0
SO2 ≤ PPM50Conform
Free Methyl. ethyl and isopropyl alcohol ≤ %1Conform
Nitrogen content ≤ %1Conform
Acid InsolubleAsh ≤%1Conform
Ash ≤ %5<2
Heavy Metal( as Pb) ≤ mg/kg15Conform
Total Plant Count<1000cfu/gConform
Yeast and Mould< 100cfu/gConform
Apple pectin wholesale china

What is apple pectin?

Apple pectin is a fiber found in apples. It is commonly used as a thickener in cooking and baking. Sometimes it is also used in pharmaceuticals. People use apple pectin to treat high cholesterol and many other diseases, but no good scientific evidence supports these uses. Apple pectin can be used to control diarrhea.

You may have heard the saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is because a large amount of pectin is found in apples. Pectin is a type of fiber, a complex carbohydrate our body needs. Pectin is not only found in apples but also in other fruits and vegetables. In apples, pectin is usually found on the skin and pulp. This explains why you shouldn’t always remove the skin of an apple.

Apple pectin has always been mainly used as a gelling agent for making jams, jellies, and candied fruit. It is also a popular ingredient in food manufacturing. As we all know, it has a smooth, creamy texture. In recent years, people have made more open explorations of medicinal properties, especially those who wish to find alternative treatments for many diseases. In particular, apple pectin has aroused the curiosity of many people looking for natural weight loss supplements. It even appeared in a well-known doctor’s show about health as a five-minute miracle diet to promote weight loss, especially belly fat.

Apple pectin mainly exists in the peel of fruits. It also includes use as a binder in cigars, an analgesic in throat lozenges, an ingredient in laxatives, and additives in shampoos and other beauty products. Recently, it has been used as a fat and sugar substitute in low-calorie foods and a major ingredient in edible foam, paper, and plastic. Another function is to use pectin as a carrier for oral administration. Recently, the advantages of pectin have also made it a popular staple food in traditional and modern medicine. Because of its ease of production, packaging, and sales, it is also a favorite of producers and consumers. This herb is a win-win for all participants.

Pectin is a carbohydrate taken out from fruits, vegetables, and seeds. The main purpose is to be used as a gelling agent, thickener, and stabilizer in food. It is sold commercially as a white to light brown powder extracted from citrus fruits. Pectin is usually a gelling agent in foods, especially jams and jellies. It is also used in fillers, medicines, laxatives, throat lozenges, candies, fruit juices, milk beverages, and as a source of dietary fiber. Since pectin is a high source of fiber, it is often used in high-fiber diets to treat constipation and digestive problems. It is well known that it can naturally lower cholesterol, fight diabetes and support weight loss.

The role and benefits of apple pectin

1. It can regulate the digestive system

Apple pectin can bring many benefits to our body. Because of its high fiber content, it can help our digestive system remove toxins from the body. At the same time, it can help us better absorb nutrients from food. This way, our body can get more nutrition. It can also help the body solve some problems. If you suffer from diarrhea, apple pectin can effectively harden your stool. It can also relieve irritable bowel syndrome. Apple pectin can also remove inflammation related to other digestive problems and diseases. So we can add apple pectin to the recipe. It can regulate our digestive system and make our body healthier.

2. It can prevent various diseases

Apple pectin can provide a large amount of soluble fiber the human body needs. It can protect you from cardiovascular diseases. Long-term consumption of apple pectin will lower your cholesterol level. In addition, your heart health will be greatly improved. Apple pectin can also prevent your intestines from absorbing too much cholesterol, so your body will not be completely affected by too much cholesterol. So we can eat apple pectin to prevent various diseases.

3. It can prevent the onset of cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that people don’t want to get right now. Although there are some known cancer treatments, these treatments are not effective. Some people develop different conditions because of some treatments for the disease. It is said that the intake of apple pectin can help prevent cancer growth. Apple pectin can prevent the spread of cancer cells in different parts of the body. It prevents the growth of cancer and slows down the process. Therefore, apple pectin is very effective in fighting certain types of cancer.

4. It can protect the metabolism

Many people currently suffer from weight gain and various diseases related to weight gain. Obesity leads to higher blood sugar and higher cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. Therefore, regular intake of apple pectin helps promote effective weight loss. Just make sure that you can adopt a healthier lifestyle in addition to getting enough apple pectin. We can try to exercise, especially if you usually spend a few hours in front of the computer. You can also try to eat foods high in apple pectin in the most natural way.

5. It can improve intestinal health

Did you know that your gut is very important in your health? There are good bacteria and bad bacteria in our intestines. If there are more bad bacteria than good bacteria, problems will arise. The job of good bacteria is to absorb nutrients while keeping bad bacteria away. To improve your intestinal health, the best way is to consume an appropriate amount of apple pectin daily. Apple pectin can protect your intestinal health. It can also prevent bacteria from entering the body.

6. It can prevent constipation

Taking apple pectin is very useful for you if you want to relieve constipation. Apple pectin can work in both directions. When you have constipation, it can loosen your stools and make them harder when you have diarrhea. Taking apple pectin is one of the best options if you are constipated and have difficulty defecation. If you are not sure whether you can take apple pectin, you can first consult your doctor to confirm. You must also be extra careful when taking the right amount of apple pectin. Because if you take too much, it will slow the absorption of certain drugs.

7. It can protect the wound from infection

You may have wounds on different parts of your body for different reasons. Due to certain medical conditions, the wound may become infected. Sometimes these wounds may be caused on your body. If infected, the wound will get worse. To avoid this, you can apply apple pectin to the wound. This is the most effective way to remove oral ulcers. So we can take advantage of the use of apple pectin to prevent our wounds from becoming infected.

Processing process of apple pectin

Pectin is what causes the jam to solidify and become stronger than liquid. Pectin comes from fruits, and the pectin content in apples is particularly rich. Most people are familiar with store-bought pectin. This pectin is in powder form and sold in small boxes. Sometimes people don’t have any specific source of pectin but boil the living sunlight in the fruit to release the pectin.

Pectin is a natural polymer compound extracted from plants, and its main component is methyl polygalacturonate. As a food additive, pectin is widely used in various foods. If it is frozen, it is used in the processing industry of jam, fruit juice, soft candy, chocolate, ice cream, yogurt, canned meat, and so on. Plays the role of gelling, thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing. At the same time, it is also widely used in many fields, such as medicine, textile, etc. As a thickener, polymer pectin can achieve a better thickening effect, obvious beverage taste, outstanding advantages, and good market prospects.

Raw material selection: apple dregs have no peculiar smell, no fermentation, water content of 8-10%, and dregscrushed to 40mesh.

Raw material cleaning: Wash the apple dregs with water for 15 minutes, then squeeze it to 75-80% water content.

Hydrolysis: Mix apple dregs and water in a weight ratio 1:10, add acid to adjust the pH to 2.4-2.5, then heat to 65-75°C, stir slowly, and keep it warm for 3-10h.

Separation and concentration: After the extraction, the pectin extract is separated, and the temperature of the solution is reduced to 50-55°C. After the solution is clarified, it is concentrated in vacuum with a vacuum degree of -0.90–0.95mpa.

Drying: Dry the concentrated pectin extract in a vacuum at a low temperature, and grind it to 60-70 mesh for later use.

Bleaching: Fully stir and mix pectin powder and 65-75% alcohol solution at a weight ratio of 1:5, add 1 to 1.5‰ sodium chlorite by weight of the mixture, and keep stirring at 50-60°C for 1-2h.

Cleaning: Vacuum the filter to remove the alcohol, wash the pectin with a 65-70% acidified alcohol solution for 20 minutes, and filter.

Vacuum drying: vacuum low-temperature drying is used to obtain a polymer apple pectin product.

The application of apple pectin

1. Pectin application:

Pectin imparts a texture to jam or jelly, allowing transportation without change, thereby providing good flavor release and minimizing dehydration and shrinkage. The use concentration range of pectin is 0.1-0.4%. Jams, jellies, and jams with a soluble solids content of at least 55% are classic applications of our apple pectin, ensuring excellent flavor release, low dehydration, and shrinkage and fruity sweetness.

2. Fruit preparations of yogurt:

Pectin can produce a soft, partially become gel texture that is strong enough to ensure even fruit distribution while allowing the fruit product to be easily blended into the yogurt. Especially when another plant guns-reduce color migration to the yogurt stage of the final product. The use concentration is 0.5-1.2%.

3. Fruit drink concentrate:

In this application, the gelatin in the final product is only evident as a thickening effect because the agglomerated gel texture has been mechanically destroyed to obtain a smooth flow. The use concentration is 0.1-0.5%.

4. Confectionery products

Pectin is mainly used in the candy industry to make jelly and jelly centers flavored with natural fruit ingredients and synthetic spices. The use concentration ranges from 0.7-1.5%. If the wrong type of pectin is used, a confectionery product with 70%-80% soluble solids and a lower pH will cause a fast or even uncontrollable gelatin rate.

5. Dairy products:

Pectin is used to stabilize yogurt products cultivated or produced by direct sour. Pectin reacts with casein to prevent the aggregation of casein particles at a pH lower than the pH (4.6). It also allows the pasteurization of yogurt products to extend their shelf life. The use concentration is 0.1-0.7%.

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