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Edible pork gelatin manufacturers have many usage and application in our daily life. We eat pork gelatin for a better body. And it also can help us to keep healthy.

Our Specification details

Product nameEdible Pig Gelatin
AppearanceLight yellow or off-whiteApproved
Gel strength (6.67%) [ bloom]80~260 bloom(on request)200
Size of granule8 mesh-60 mesh(on request)30 mesh
Moisture (%)≤14.0010
Transparent (MM)400-550500
Ash (mg/kg)≤2.000.8
Pb (mg/kg)≤0.50Approved
As (mg/kg)≤0.50Approved
Hg (mg/kg)≤0.50Approved
Cd (mg/kg)≤0.10Approved
Cr (mg/kg)≤2.00Approved
Total Bacteria ( CFU/g)≤1,000CFU/g150
Salmonella (/10g)NegativeNegative
ConclusionConclusion Through Analysis, the quality of this batch number is approved

The usage of pork gelatin manufacturer

Pork gelatin manufacturer is a kind of protein and can be used as a food additive, but it cannot be used as the only root of protein. This is because protein’s nutritional value depends on its own amino acid composition, the most important of which are essential amino acids. If the protein contains all essential amino acids, it is called “complete protein”; if it is short of one or several essential amino acids, it is called “incomplete protein.” As a kind of “incomplete protein,” gelatin manufacturer lacks essential tryptophan. If it is used as the only protein source, it cannot meet the human body’s needs.

Pork gelatin is a protein that is partially hydrolyzed from collagen-rich pig skin. Our pork gelatin is manufactured in strict accordance with purity standards. Gelatin molecules are amino acids linked together by amide bonds in long molecular chains. These amino acids play an essential role in the composition of human connective tissue.

1. Edible pork gelatin lets the skin look more healthy and youthful

As we age goes, we will lose more collagen. Our skin will become less firm, so wrinkles and fine lines will appear. Pork gelatin manufacturing may be an excellent method to increase collagen and improve the appearance of the skin. A study found that using collagen can increase facial moisture and lessen human wrinkles.

2. Edible pork gelatin manufacturer will improve our digestion

Edible pork gelatin manufacturers include glutamic acid, which may help improve the health of the gastric mucosa. This may support digestion. It can also keep digestion by motivating the operation of gastric juice. Pork gelatin manufacturers mix with water, which may support food passing through the digestive system. If we learn more about edible pork gelatin manufacturers, it can help us to improve digestion.

3. It can Ease joint pain

The pure collagen wholesale in pork gelatin can lessen inflammation-related joint pain. According to medical research, some clinical studies have shown that edible pork gelatin manufacturers can reduce pain and support joint function in patients with osteoarthritis. However, further research is also needed. Pork gelatin manufacturers may help relieve joint pain, but there are also other home remedies.

4. Managing blood sugar

A study showed that glycine is an amino acid in edible pork gelatin, which can support patients with type 2 diabetes in controlling their health status. People taking glycine treatment found that their inflammation has reduced, which recommends that glycine may help prevent complications such as tissue damage. However, some gelatin-based products, such as soft candies, have a high sugar substance. These are not good sources of gelatin for patients with type 2 diabetes.

5. Help the bone strength

Pork gelatin manufacturers include lysine, which helps bones become strengthened. It also helps the body assimilate calcium. It will support keeping bones robust and avoid bone loss. Some people eat pork gelatin to lessen the risk of osteoporosis, which can result in bones becoming weak or failure. A study found no significant difference in bone thickness between mice that ate pork gelatin and mice that ate another protein powder. However, other sources of research had found that when magnesium-deficient mice ate pork gelatin, this had a good influence on one aspect of bone density. However, more research is needed to see whether eating pork gelatin manufacturers can help bone health.

6. Improve Sleep Quality

Edible pork gelatin manufacturers have glycine to help some people’s sleep quality. In a published study, people who took 3 grams (g) of pork gelatin before going to bed showed that they slept better, felt more positive in the morning, and had a clearer mind. A more detailed study convinced this finding and showed that glycine could play an essential role in improving sleep. However, these studies do not usually suggest the consumption of gelatin wholesale to improve sleep.

7. It can help with weight loss

Some scientists believe pork gelatin may help improve weight loss because of its high protein and low-calorie content. Protein powder can help people feel full, making them less likely to overeat. However, a study contrasting the influence of eating a pork gelatin diet with another milk protein diet did not find that people use the edible pork gelatin option to lose more weight. In addition, some substances of edible pork gelatin, such as chewy candies and marshmallows, are high in sugar. People should choose a healthy, low-sugar importance of edible pork gelatin as much as possible.

8. Improve Hair Growth

Some people will take edible pork gelatin capsules to want that the lysine included in it can improve hair growth. Scientists found that the hair shaft length of mice increased obviously after taking pork gelatin Supplements for ten days. However, this does not ensure that pork gelatin capsules will help a person’s hair grow.

9. protect brittle nails

Various studies have found that eating pork gelatin may help protect brittle nails. However, there seems to be no proof to confirm this view.

The raw material of edible pork gelatin

Edible pork gelatin manufacturer is a product that hydrolysates of collagen. It is a fat-free, high-protein, and cholesterol-free substance. It is a naturally nutritious food thickener. After eating, it will not make you fat, nor will it result in a decline in physical strength. Pork gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid. With strong emulsifying power, after entering the stomach, it can control the aggregation of milk, soy milk, and other proteins caused by gastric acid, thereby promoting food digestion.

Edible pork gelatin is made from collagen from the bones and skins of pigs, cattle, sheep, and other animals and processed through denaturation and degradation. Including more than eight types of L-amino acids, it is a pure protein. Free of fat and cholesterol. It is a gelatin food made of wool, easily assimilated by the human body. It has a medical effect on specific diseases, especially for the development of children, and has excellent nutritional value.

Edible pork gelatin is collagen protein abstracted from fresh animal skins and bones by classification, degreasing, rinsing, neutralization, hydrolysis, and other processes. It is colorless, light yellow flakes or powder particles, odorless and tasteless. It includes 18 essential amino acids, which the human body needs—and also used in the food industry as excipients, thickeners, and beer as clarifiers. They have widely used additives in the food industry.

Edible pork gelatin has weaker coagulation power than agar and does not solidify when the concentration is less than 5%. Generally, a 10%-15% solution is used to form a gel. The gelation temperature change with factors such as the concentration, the type of coexisting salts, and the pH of the concentration solution. There is a small difference between the dissolution temperature and the solidification temperature. It dissolves at about 30°C and solidifies at 20-25°C. Its gel is softer, more elastic, and more comfortable than agar. Its aqueous solution is boiled for a long time, and its properties change due to decomposition. After cooling, it will no longer form a gel. If it is heated again, it will become protein and peptone. If the edible pork gelatin solution is affected by formaldehyde, it becomes an irreversible gel that is insoluble in water.

The Production Process of edible pork gelatin

Gelatin production methods mainly include the lime milk method and the hydrochloric acid method. Pork gelatin manufacturing ways mainly include an alkaline method, acid method, salt-alkali method, and enzymatic method, etc. The alkaline method is commonly used in our production process.

Remove the non-collagen substances Included in the raw materials (aggregate or leather), such as fat, minerals, etc. The main processes are degreasing, alkali treatment, and acid treatment. The raw material pretreatment process is comparatively easy for industrial glue but has higher demands for edible pork gelatin. The pretreatment process is related to the variety and quality of the finished product.

Firstly, the cross-linked hydrogen bond or electrostatic bond in the collagen contained in the raw material is damaged under the effect of hot water. The second is the hydrolysis and breaking of covalent bonds, causing the disintegration of collagen. This effect is called unwinding. After untwisting, it can form soluble animal glue. It is extracted by hot water to obtain a light glue solution with a concentration of 3-8% (mostly 5-7%). For different products, the extraction steps and process conditions are different.

The finished pork gelatin glue is made from light glue liquid, which mainly undergoes processes such as filtration, evaporation and concentration, gel-forming, and drying.

1. First step is Filtration

Generally, a plate and frame filter press is used and cotton pulp board is used as the filter medium. This kind of equipment is relatively cheap, but it is necessary to manually remove the filter cake intermittently, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Modern large-scale production equipment adopts a centrifugal self-cleaning leaf filter consisting of a filter leaf group, a pressure cylinder, and a driving device. The filter leaves are placed in a pressure-resistant cylinder, and the inner side of each filter leaf is communicated with the hollow shaft, and the upper and lower sides are covered with very fine metal wire mesh. The light glue solution is pre-added with diatomaceous earth filter aid to adjust the filtered slurry, which is pumped into the pressure cylinder, and the filter aid forms a filter medium layer on the filter leaf. After a certain period of filtering operation, the filter leaf group is rotated, and the filter residue and the filter aid are removed together by centrifugal force.

2. Evaporation and concentration

Multi-effect tube or plate evaporator is used, generally under reduced pressure. The concentration of the glue solution obtained after evaporation is more than 20-25%.

3. Gel-forming process

using a drum or belt jelly machine to cool and condense the concentrated glue into irregular flakes or small particles. Also commonly used is the inner and outer tube cooler, which is a tube-type device with cooling jackets inside and outside. The glue liquid flows through the intermediate annular gap under pressure, and a rotating scraper is installed in the gap. The cooling gel is pushed and squeezed by the scraper and the fluid is through the perforated plate at the outlet to extrude a thin strip of gel. Therefore, this equipment is also called an extruder.

4. Drying the pork gelatin

use a drum dryer or long mesh belt dryer. The drum type is an intermittent operation and is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Fourdrinier belt type is continuous operation and is suitable for large factories. The moisture content of the dried product is generally below 16%. Some products must be crushed and screened after drying to obtain the final product.

The finished pork gelatin packaging is divided into inner and outer layers. The inner layer is a moisture-proof plastic bag, and the outer layer is a woven bag or kraft paper bag. The packaged products must be stored in a clean, dry, ventilated warehouse, and must not be stacked in the open. Should be protected from heat and sun.

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Some of our products have been packed in gift box with our brand printed for retails.

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