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Candy Gelatin manufacturer

In the food industry, Candy Gelatin manufacturer is used as an additive in confectionery. It is reported that more than 60% of gelatin in the world is used in the food and confectionery industries.

Almost all food additives are used in the current food industry, especially in countries where the food industry is relatively developed, edible gelatin has been widely used as an additive to make candy additives, frozen foods, etc.

Specifications of Candy Gelatin Manufacturer
MOISTURE≤12%11.1%24 HOURS AT 550°C
PH VALUE4.0-6.55.5SOLUTION 6.67%

The benefits of Candy Gelatin manufacturer in confectionery

Candy Gelatin manufacturer is a white or light yellow, translucent, slightly shiny flake or powder formed by the degradation of collagen in animal skin, bone, muscle membrane, muscles and bones, and other connective tissues. Therefore, we also call it animal gelatin and fat glue. A low-calorie edible glue/hydrocolloid with high nutritional value.

Gelatin has the function of water absorption and bone support. After the Candy Gelatin manufacturer particles are dissolved in water, they can attract and interweave each other to form a network structure of laminated layers, and agglomerate as the temperature drops, Allow the sugar and water to completely fill the gaps in the gel. The soft candy can maintain a stable shape and will not be deformed even if it bears a large load.

Recommended products related to Candy Gelatin manufacturer

Bovine protein

As we age, our body’s collagen production naturally declines, which can cause many health problems, including bone, joint, and skin problems. Other factors can also affect the production of collagen. For example, people who smoke, consume a lot of sugar or refined carbohydrates, or are exposed to too much sunlight are also at risk of reducing collagen production.

Therefore, bovine collagen supplements may help counteract the effects of lower collagen levels. Nonetheless, more human studies of all these potential benefits are needed.
1、Bovine collagen may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis.
2、Bovine collagen may reduce visible signs of aging.
3、Bovine collagen helps digestion and heals the intestines.
4、Bovine collagen builds muscle strength.
5、Bovine collagen improves sleep quality.
6、Bovine collagen helps nail health and hair growth.
7、Bovine collagen prevents bone loss

Collagen type II

The earliest concern was the impact of cells on life activities. Through research, it was found that the extracellular matrix is also very important for life. In the past ten years, the extracellular matrix has been discovered, especially collagen and protein. Polysaccharides play a key role in human health and the occurrence of certain diseases. In the medical and healthcare market, more and more products related to collagen are being developed.

Candy Gelatin manufacturer

After special processing, Candy Gelatin manufacturer not only maintains its inherent excellent physical and chemical properties but also improves its solubility in water due to the decrease in molecular weight, making it easier to be absorbed by the human body. Fish collagen can delay and reduce the generation of skin wrinkles, is beneficial to skin growth, can repair and nourish the skin, and can enhance the water retention capacity of skin cells. The cosmetic derivatives described in the patent are N-quaternary ammonium salt of fish collagen hydrolysate, N-acyl derivative, or N. Silyl derivatives, the addition of these derivatives can play a very good lubricating and protective effect on the skin.

Gelatin manufacturer for jelly(Carrageenan)

The jelly made of agar is not flexible enough, and the price is high; the disadvantage of using gelatin to make jelly is that the freezing and melting point is low, and the preparation and storage must be kept at a low temperature; the disadvantage of using pectin is the need to add high-soluble sugar and appropriate The pH can be solidified. Carrageenan does not have these shortcomings. The jelly made from carrageenan is elastic and has no water separation. Carrageenan has become a commonly used gel agent for jelly because of its unique gel characteristics.

Plant gelatin empty capsule

Plant capsules are empty capsules made of plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides. It retains all the advantages of standard hollow capsules: easy to take, effective in hiding taste and smell, and transparent and visible contents.

With the popularity of vegetarianism, the animal protein contained in animal gelatin capsules has gradually been resisted by vegetarians and certain religious and ethnic people who have special requirements for food. The return of plant capsules conforms to the historical trend. In the pharmaceutical industry, plant capsules have the following three advantages, which are not available in tablets and animal gelatin capsules:
1. Plant capsules have the thought of green and environmental protection
2. Plant capsules represent the future development trend
3. Vegetarian capsules are widely accepted

Multicolor hard empty capsules

A gelatin hollow capsule is composed of a capsule cap shell and capsule body shell. Capsule preparation is a more common dosage form of drug preparation, it has such advantages as easy to carry, easy to swallow, easy to protect drug components, and can make the drug directly to the patient parts. In addition, gelatin capsules can cover up the bad smell and taste of the drug itself; It can improve the bioavailability of drugs, disperse quickly and absorb well in the gastrointestinal tract. 

It can improve drug stability and is not affected by oxygen, humidity, and temperature in the air. Sustained-release preparation and compound preparation can be made; Accurate and uniform dose; The recipe is simple. Gelatin capsules have become more and more popular among drug manufacturers and consumers in recent years.

Capsules can contain various powders, liquids, semisolids, and tablets. In addition, capsules have good bioavailability due to the rapid, reliable, and safe dissolution of capsules. In addition, the capsules can be printed with text, logos, and patterns to create a unique custom look. And some drugs must be kept under shade, so the choice of color hollow capsule filling is the best, but also to extend the validity of drugs. Color capsules can also help us distinguish between drugs.

Halal gelatin is mainly used in capsule production in the pharmaceutical industry. The main ingredients of soft capsules, two-piece hard capsules, and enteric-coated capsules are gelatin. Halal gelatin is often used as a binder, humectant, and coating agent in the production of tablets. Gelatin is lubricious and non-irritating, so it is the first choice as the basic ingredient of lozenges and lozenges. 

Gelatin is also considered to be an excellent stabilizer and emulsifier in pharmaceutical emulsion formulations. Gelatin can also be used in external medicine formulations to treat various skin diseases, and it can also be used as an adhesive to make the bandage adhere to the applied medicine tightly. Gelatin can also be applied to glycerin-based suppositories and as a carrier for certain dietary supplements.

gelatin food

OEM collagen sachet

Collagen plays a key role in the body. Although the benefits of collagen are similar to other protein sources, collagen also has some unique functions.

1. Collagen helps muscle growth and repair

2. Collagen can promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

3. Collagen is good for joint health

4. Collagen may play a role in digestive health

The concept and use of Candy Gelatin manufacturer

Candy Gelatin manufacturer is a collagen hydrolysate, a naturally nutritious food thickener, without fat, high protein, and cholesterol. After eating, it neither makes a person fat nor does it cause a decrease in physical strength. Gelatin is also a strong protective colloid with a strong emulsifying ability. After entering the stomach, it can restrain the aggregation of milk, soy milk, and other proteins caused by gastric acid, thereby facilitating food digestion.

Candy Gelatin manufacturer is a water-soluble protein mixture. The collagen in the skin, ligaments, and tendons is produced by acid or alkali partial hydrolysis or boiling in water. It is a colorless or slightly yellow transparent crispy flake or coarse powder, which swells in water at 35-40°C. It forms a gel (water content is 5-10 times its own weight), which is a nutritionally incomplete protein, lacks some essential amino acids, especially tryptophan, and is widely used in food and making adhesives, photosensitive films, filters, etc. Edible gelatin is found in yogurt, jelly, and other foods because of its strong water absorption and high viscosity physical, and chemical properties. In addition, it is fat-free, high-protein, and cholesterol-free. Edible gelatin has become a natural nutrient. Type of food thickener.

From animal collagen, partial acid hydrolysis (type A), partial alkaline hydrolysis (type B), or even enzymatic hydrolysis and purification, can be used to obtain collagen from Candy Gelatin manufacturer.

Composition and characteristics of edible gelatin manufacturer

Edible gelatin manufacturer uses fresh cowhide and pig skin as raw materials, adopts a full set of stainless steel equipment, strictly screens fresh bone skin, and is produced through dozens of process lines such as repeated washing and soaking, degreasing and neutralization, cooking and liquefaction, sterilization and filtration, and concentration and drying, and so on. The produced gelatin is an odorless, colorless (slightly yellowish), translucent, and hard amorphous substance. It is insoluble in organic solvents. It has powerful water absorption and high viscosity. Gelatin is a peptide molecular polymer. 

The hydrolyzed product of collagen protein can be used as an additive. It should be kept dry, clean, uniform, and with no debris. This product is made of pig, cow, mule, and horse skins, (except for other animal skins). After removing impurities, disinfection, and steaming to form the juice, it is dehydrated and manufactured to form rubber strips, films, and powders ( Generally used powder and granular glue). It should pass through a standard sieve with a diameter of 4mm, that is, 5 mesh. This product contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 90% collagen, rich in health and beauty effects, and has excellent colloidal protection, surface activity, viscosity, film-forming properties, suspension, buffering, infiltration, stability, and water is Easily soluble.

Edible gelatin manufacturer is soluble in hot water to form a thermoreversible gel. It has extremely good physical properties, such as jelly power, affinity, high dispersibility, low viscosity, distribution stability, and water retention, etc. Covering, toughness, and reversibility, so gelatin is an important food additive, such as food jelly, stabilizer, thickener, foaming agent, emulsifier, dispersant, clarifier, etc., is a widely used application.

The role of gelatin in food structure

Edible gelatin manufacturers can be used as gelling agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, foaming agents, whipping agents, binders, crystal growth regulators, and clarifying agents in the food industry.

Edible gelatin manufacturer as a gelling agent

Edible gelatin manufacturers and water can form a thermoreversible gel, similar to agar, seaweed gum, and pectin, but different from them is that the melting point of edible gelatin is low, which is very close to the temperature of the human mouth, while agar gel is because of its high melting point. Need to chew. In addition, the edible gelatin jelly will not crystallize in the warm but not yet melted syrup, and the jelly can be re-formed after being crushed or heated to dissolve. The jelly made of edible gelatin is more elastic than seaweed and pectin. It is better than brown sugar and marshmallow made of egg white, and it is easier to chew and eat.

The mixing of gelatin manufacturer and agar can produce crisper gelatin food; the mixing of edible gelatin and gum arabic can avoid the melting of the jelly in the product. Edible gelatin jelly has almost no syneresis, and it is not as easy to remove from the candy mold as agar and pectin. Therefore, edible gelatin is widely used in the confectionery industry. Adding edible gelatin to toffee, high-grade toffee, chewing gum, gum, and marshmallows can significantly improve chewing performance, and make these candies tough and not sticky. Stay for a long time. Taking advantage of this feature, edible gelatin is also widely used in foods such as canned meat, ham, sausage, beef jelly, minced meat jelly, and meat rolls.

Edible gelatin as stabilizer and emulsifier

Edible gelatin manufacturer not only produces foam but also stabilizes the foam, enabling other substances to be evenly distributed in the gelatin solution without sedimentation or precipitation. Edible gelatin can be used not only as a stabilizer for emulsions but also as a protective colloid for microfoam and suspended solids. Edible gelatin helps to form an oil-in-water emulsion, which has the effect of emulsifying fat, which can emulsify the fat of meat products and maintain its original characteristics. Utilizing the emulsifying properties of edible gelatin can make the fat in meat products form a milky body, making the thick soup thick and not greasy in the mouth, easy to digest, and rich in nutrients.

Edible gelatin can inhibit the crystallization of sugar in the solution, or make the crystals formed smaller. Generally, adding about 1% edible gelatin to 70% syrup can completely inhibit the growth of sugar crystals. In the production of ice cream, edible gelatin as a stabilizer can prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals, and at the same time reduce the melting rate of ice cream. Coupled with the emulsification and freezing effect of edible gelatin, the ice cream has a soft mouth and a delicate taste.

When using the emulsifying properties of gelatin manufacturers and stabilizing foam, attention should be paid to the pH value of the solution, and acidity (too low pH value) must be prevented from causing damage to the emulsion.

Edible gelatin as a whipping agent and foaming agent

Edible gelatin manufacturers can be widely used as a whipping agent in the actual production of marshmallows. Its single use is more convenient and simple than the mixed use of chicken protein and milk protein, so it is often used in production.

Vigorous stirring of edible gelatin can produce a lot of foam, and these foams can remain unmerged and unbroken for a long time. Therefore, it is a good food foaming agent and can be used to make marshmallows.

Edible gelatin manufacturer as adhesive

In the production of confectionery or cakes, the bonding effect of edible gelatin can make multi-layer candies or multi-layer cakes. The high-transparency edible gelatin can also wrap various candies or cakes into various shapes, just like wearing a layer of translucent clothes, and can also be covered with a layer of sugar as needed.
Edible gelatin as a clarifying agent
Edible gelatin can be used to clarify products such as fruit juice, wine, and vinegar. It can quickly react with the inherent or added tannins and similar substances in the product to form a flocculated precipitate, which will settle together with the mixture in the product after standing, and then filter to remove the precipitate to achieve the purpose of clarification.

With the rapid development of the food industry and the improvement of people’s increasing nutritional levels, edible gelatin will find it more complete and fuller in the food industry.

How to use edible gelatin manufacturer

Put the rubber powder and water in a ratio of 1:3 (that is, 1 part rubber powder plus 1-3 parts cold water soaking) for 40-60 minutes, and then indirectly heat to dissolve after absorbing water to expand. It is impossible to directly heat the soil, and the soil temperature is controlled at ±75 Below ℃, do not add water when using.

Application of gelatin in food

Gelatin has a wide range of applications in food, including meat products, minced meat, frozen meat, toffee, marshmallow, nougat, toffee, ice cream, yogurt products, beer clarification, and other foods.

1. Production of sweets uses gelatin

In candy production, gelatin can be used as jelly, whipping agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, adhesive, and water retention agent, used to produce soft candy, milk candy, meringue, marshmallow, and other soft candies, gelatin has water absorption, And role of forming a skeleton after its particles are dissolved in water, they attract and interweave each other to form a network structure, and agglomerate as the temperature drops, so that the sugar and water are completely filled in the gel pores, and the soft candy is in a stable shape. , It will not be deformed under heavy load. Gelatins are more flexible, tough, and transparent than starches and AGAR. Especially when producing fudge and toffee with sufficient elasticity and fullness in shape, high-quality gelatin with high gel strength is needed.

2. Frozen food use gelatin

Gelatin can also be used in the production of ice cream, ice cream, and other frozen foods. As a stabilizer, it can inhibit sugar crystals and make the crystals smaller in the solution. Gelatin with a content of 1.5% can inhibit 70% of syrup crystals. When the content exceeds 1.5%, crystallization in the marshmallow can be prevented. The gelatin in ice cream can prevent the formation of granular ice crystals and prevent ice crystals from increasing, making the tissue soft and delicate, and reducing the melting speed to obtain a solid and smooth body. The general addition amount is 0.3 to 0.6%. The general dosage should be appropriate. When used, it is made into a 10% solution, and when it is cooled to 4°C without stirring, it is added to the mixed raw materials to make good ice cream and also give gelatin the best effect.

Edible gelatin applicate in other foods

(1) Transparent coat for baked foods and sweets Flour is the main thickening agent for licorice sweet foods, and 1.5 to 12.5% of gelatin can be added as a binder. Sugar-free or sugar-containing clear coats can be used for licorice sweets, gumdrops, and small butter bread. A typical transparent coating of licorice sweets is composed of sugar, glucose syrup, and gelatin with a content of about 10% in an aqueous solution.

(2) Coating film preservation Gelatin with a concentration of 10-15% is used as a protective coating to prevent food corruption and oxidation. This coating is suitable for ham, sausage, fat, and cheese, etc. In recent years, Japan and other countries have used edible gelatin for food coatings. Coating gelatin on the surface of food has the following benefits: a. When two different foods are combined, coating edible gelatin can inhibit the browning reaction; b. Prevent moisture absorption and rigidity of food; c. Improve food appearance; d. Improve the preservation of volatile food ingredients; e. Adjust the solubility; f. Keep fresh.

(3) In food production, gelatin can also be used as a stabilizer for whipping, making cold drinks, desserts, such as protein cow cheese, pancakes, etc., and various protein kinds of cheese mixed with fruit juice, cocoa, and milk powder. In the formula, the addition amount is 2 to 3%. The addition of gelatin to yogurt can reduce the syneresis of yogurt and fruit yogurt. Since gelatin has a lower effect in masking spices than other resins, it is used in this area. Far ahead.

(4) Gelatin is also widely used in Western-style cakes such as butter cakes to act as a stabilizer. Even when the liquid phase increases on a hot day, it will not be incorporated into the cakes. The function of gelatin is that it can reduce the syneresis and foaming effect of pastries. It can be used to emulsify meat products such as meat sauce to maintain the original flavor and characteristics. 0.35% of gelatin is added to the whipped cream, which can stabilize the whipping effect, and its emulsification can also reduce the loss of fat.

Summarize edible gelatin manufacturer

Food additives are still a new industry in our country, and there are some hidden safety hazards in their production and use. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in the management and supervision of food additives. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan have a lot of advanced scientific experience in the basic theoretical research of food additives and the formulation of related laws and regulations, especially the international organizations related to food additives-Joint Committee of Experts on Food Additives (J ECFA), (United Nations) Codex Alimentarius The research in this field, such as the Committee (CAC) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has shifted from qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis. These existing scientific conclusions on food additives are worthy of reference and promotion.

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