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Bovine collagen and its application in food industry

Bovine Collagen Manufacturer

Bovine Collagen Manufacturer – From China

Bovine collagen is one of the products commonly used in our daily life. As a manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of bovine collagen, here we introduce the functions and applications of bovine collagen.

What is Bovine Collagen?

Bovine collagen is a protein composed of amino acids. Collagen supports different parts of the cow body together, including muscle fibers in different parts. Collagen can be very chewy when eaten, and it can also add firmness to the beef. As cattle age, more collagen cross-links form, and less collagen break down during cooking, resulting in firmer meat. Humans, like other natural organisms, can naturally produce collagen.

Bovine Collagen manufacturer
Bovine Collagen manufacturer

How does bovine collagen come from?

Bovine Collagen Production Process

Collagen is widely found in the skin and bones of animals, such as hoof tendons, bones, and cowhide. It naturally exists in the epidermis and is usually extracted from cowhide. After being washed with water, it will be hydrolyzed and become peptides known as hydrolyzed bovine collagen.

Where is bovine collagen suitable?

Bovine Collagen factory

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for body function. The bovine collagen produced by Huaxuan Gelatin is also suitable for:

  1. Oral intake
  2. Medical use
  3. Food use
  4. Use of health products
    Our products guarantee high safety standards in compliance with European law.

What are Bovine Collagen Peptides?

Bovine collagen will be decomposed into smaller proteins through hydrolysis, called “peptides,” also known as hydrolyzed bovine collagen. Collagen peptides can be taken orally for rapid absorption, which is one of the regular intake routes for most people.
The manufacturing process of bovine collagen manufacturers
(1) Pretreatment of bovine collagen raw materials:
(2) Oil-water separation of bovine collagen powder:
(3) Enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen powder:
(4) Inorganic nanofiltration ceramic membrane filtration:
(5) High temperature and high-pressure treatment:
(6) Concentration:
(7) Drying and milling:

Benefits of Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen is a macromolecular protein that generally cannot be absorbed directly. The human body can absorb processed collagen. It has the functions of beautifying the skin and preventing osteoporosis, etc.:
Bovine collagen helps relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis
Collagen can reduce visible signs of aging
Bovine collagen aids digestion and strengthens the intestines
Collagen powder enhances muscle strength
Bovine collagen powder improves sleep quality
Collagen powder can prevent bone loss

Why choose Huaxuan Gelatin as a supplier?

Since 2006, it has been supplying gelatin granules and hard hollow capsules to different countries. Subsequently, more factories were established to produce more products, such as leaf gelatin, instant gelatin, beef collagen, fish collagen, etc.
Provide customized gelatin and collagen; as long as you tell us what packaging you want, we can make it.
Philosophy: We are committed to developing healthy and safe food and providing high-quality services. Customer satisfaction is the most excellent support for our company.

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